“Fifty-one, forty-nine and a half” is a term from law enforcement meaning just a little off, eccentric, and weird. Not quite legally crazy at 5150, but damn close! It is the best term to describe the artwork you will find here. Whether it be the extremely colorful paintings, the playfully odd art toy sculptures or the uniquely designed boxer art pieces.

ACP is the creative mind behind 5149 & ½ Art. She graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in film and digital media.  She is a former 911 dispatcher, a published author and mother to an autistic son.  While she works in several mediums, she is primarily an abstract painter and designer toy artist. Her artwork is best described as delightfully insane eye candy. It bursts with color, appears to be suspended in motion and requires several glances to capture the minute details that lurk in every corner of the piece.

A native of the California Bay Area, when she is not creating art or running around with her boxer dogs a.k.a ‘management’, she is coaching girls youth lacrosse or chasing after her son, the Intern.

She also likes to donate her time and skills to help fundraise for boxer dog rescues.  Whether it be running raffles, donating to auctions or just donating a portion of sales from the shop. Her artwork is inherently tied to helping rescue dogs. Since starting in 2013 she has helped rescues raise around $86,027. Her goal is to break $100k by the end of 2024.