The Whale Rider


"The Whale Rider"

The Whale Rider figure is a unique mixture of wood, resin, wire and mixed media. His wooden head has been hand painted with a brightly colored abstract and adorned with shells and a copper mohawk hairstyle. His resin body is a translucent blue with splashes of black, gold and aqua across the chest. In his hand, waves of wire work. A pod of laser cut wood humpback whales dance around him between each hand.
He comes on a matching wooden stand.

The figure stands about 4 inches tall and is about 4 inches wide.

It is a one of one.

This figure comes signed on the stand verifying that this is an original piece of art created by me.

While it is a designer 'toy', this is not meant to be played with in the traditional toy sense. It is more of an art sculpture and collectible meant to be admired than hands on, interactive entertainment. It should be handled with care. It is not suitable for children.

Each piece is inspected and professionally packaged for safe travel so that your figure arrives to you in perfect condition. All figures are shipped with USPS within 1-3 business days after payment is received. A tracking number will be emailed to you.

Please contact me if you would like a custom piece created for you by commission.

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♥ About ACP ♥

My custom toys are my absolute favorite things to construct from start to finish. Each figure is hand painted and meticulously crafted to ignite dreamy nostalgia and reinvigorate imaginations. I want it to be a figure like nothing else in your collection. I want the viewer to notice new details with every fresh look, experiencing a range of emotions and unable to look away from the piece. Playful, yet rebellious and always completely unique.

I use to collect toys. Now I make them. I hope you enjoy them as much I enjoy creating them.

All items are handmade by yours truly within my studio in Gilroy, CA.