Queen Bee Pittie


Queen Bee Pittie

Hand painted vinyl pitbull figure. A customized Danger dog by Tenacious Toys that is a unique, one of one.

She is a deep matte black with red flower eyes. A Ruby red rhinestone flower on her chest and a brass vintage bee with chains dangles from the back side of her head. She has a gold spiked collar, and gold honeycombs with bee charms. Oranges, yellows and coppers float while aquas and pinks dance around the mask and body.

Stands at 5 inches tall.

I painted three different versions of these large Honey Pitties. Each one unique.

She is a designer toy, meant for collecting and display. Not suitable for children.

Ships upon payment via USPS priority mail within 3-5 days.

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♥ About ACP ♥

My paintings are about lots of color and overwhelming the eyes. I want the viewer to notice new details with every fresh look, experiencing a range of emotions and unable to look away from the piece. My favorite materials to use: acrylic, ink, gold foil, glitter.

When I am not painting or creating, I am coaching my girls youth lacrosse team or hiking with my two boxers (also known as 'management'). They inspire me and bring me happiness everyday, so 5149 & 1/2 art tries to give back to boxer rescues as often as possible. Whether it be donating from sales in the shop, gifting art to generous donors and volunteers, or creating artwork that can be auctioned off or used for fundraising.

All items are handmade by yours truly within my studio in Gilroy, CA.